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Text to Speech Benefits

Enjoy the full flexibility of the platform with ton of features

Over +840 Voices

And growing... we have the largest access to voices with integration with the 4 biggest cloud platforms.

Full set of editing features

After registration you will get access to 30+ different settings and effects which will allow you to style the voices however you want them.

Various Audio Formats

As you can see in the examples here in this page you can create content and download it in any format you need (mp3. ogg, webm, wav).

Over +135 Languages & Dialects

Yes you can become global in a moment! or stay local if you want but we will provide you as much options as possible.

Download & Share Results Easily

Quickly share your creations to Email, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or send a download link to anyone.

Standard & Neural Voices

Do you want to create content that will nake everyone shock? They will never believe you that it is created by your computer, our neural voices sounds as real as a person.

Accurately convert text to speech powered by leading
Cloud AI Technologies

TextKol is a special and unique platform wich allows you to create voices from text in any language with Microsoft Azure, Google, AWS & IBM highst technology! Only on TextKol you will find very high settings to make perfect and natural voices for any need. TextKol is a project by The Global Company which brings you the highst technologies and solutions.

More than +840 voices across
+135 languages and dialects

The list of languages is constantly updated. In addition,
the synthesis of existing languages is constantly being
updated and improved.

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